Among The Greatest Porn Films Ever Made 167

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mancamden mancamden:

loved this!!!!!

kenbell kenbell:


xRogi88 xRogi88:

I ❤ vintage

quikjl quikjl:


lg1200 lg1200:

name of film?

lg1200 lg1200:

thanks my man

nuzhs nuzhs:

Little Girls Blue (1978)

Frankthetank1223 Frankthetank1223:

Looking for a vintage film need help! Starts out with a blow bang in porn booth, I thought it was a devil in miss jones?

Gshack202 Gshack202:

Great upload....

soggycabbabz soggycabbabz:

At 4:47, if anyone is curious, the note says “Have to talk! Skip next period.”

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