Mrs Claus gets her mince pie stuffed! Merry Christmas! :)

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Well, London isn't snowing now so I think I'm out of luck

willywanka222 willywanka222:

Lucky you, what part of the UK does she live in

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Oh Dave! You do have a way with words. Merry Christmas to you xx

willywanka222 willywanka222:

Lol, guess christmas CAME early

kinkycouple111 kinkycouple111:

Wahey! Merry Christmas Willy! x

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She looks so cute as Ms. Claus

kinkycouple111 kinkycouple111:

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kinkycouple111 kinkycouple111:

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Merry Christmas you guys. Thanks for all your content, it’s been amazing and very much appreciated! Here’s raising one to you! X

kinkycouple111 kinkycouple111:

Raising what?

karlafan karlafan:

This is one of my favourite videos of yours so far, great lighting and great quality... great action too of course

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