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Indigo White Indigo White:

Don’t forget to go subscribe to our lord and savior felix

Sierra80Stan Sierra80Stan:

I'm super turned on and looking for a guy to sext on SC My user is evabiki

ryantyler423 ryantyler423:

MrMrsFuck , if you have any foot fetish content I'll check out all the videos, follow, and subscribe

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MrMrsFuck MrMrsFuck:

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victoriaminet5747 victoriaminet5747:

I want some guy, and I'm very hungry

Joke_Insurance Joke_Insurance:

Pewdiepie is the adult version of Fred and the female version of Lilly Singh. His content has been shit since 2012. I will not subscribe to Pewdiepie or T-Series. Fuck both channels.

AmelieLBJ AmelieLBJ:

interesting the writing on t-shirt)))

wifeandhubbyfun wifeandhubbyfun:

Come watch my hubby and I role play.

Anti_Christ Anti_Christ:

I hope to gawd this makes it to LWIAY

DaddyDVP DaddyDVP:

Watch me cum inside my girlfriend

wifeandhubbyfun wifeandhubbyfun:

Come check out our latest video

IceCreamBoy12 IceCreamBoy12:

Down with T-Series, All Hail PewDiePie!

hatOneGuy hatOneGuy:


mj_porn mj_porn:

These matchless tits

leodeo45 leodeo45:

This is epic

Skeet_and_Jimmy Skeet_and_Jimmy:

Big McThankys from McSpanky's!

DimCumPotDickers DimCumPotDickers:

Asian Suckin

DimCumPotDickers DimCumPotDickers:

Fuckin tight asian

MilfLover616 MilfLover616:

Suck my cock and I will.

Terriha Terriha:

check my favorite video

Pepper Sins Pepper Sins:

DVWMacki DVWMacki:

and jacksfilms

BigWillyHaver997 BigWillyHaver997:

I did my part back in 2013

Porn Killer Porn Killer:

Wonderful tits

spacedick420 spacedick420:

our lord idubbbz tv you mean

Dylanbro123 Dylanbro123:

Where’s the video?

kortni69 kortni69:

Hardinaus Hardinaus:

All hail the Viking lord PewDiePie

Musiii Musiii:

When you know, that your favorite Youtuber jerks off to you...Life Goal *^*

MamiandPapiXXX MamiandPapiXXX:

Papi eats my pussy eating until I cum

biarrtz biarrtz:

tbh there's WAY more fap material on T-series

InterracialFreaks9 InterracialFreaks9:

So_Nique So_Nique:

We don't uderstand the thing with PewDiePie. Someone can please explain it to us ?

Jamie Rickiisland Jamie Rickiisland:

I love to give a blowjob

drstrang3love drstrang3love:

Fuck no. That unfunny, untalented clickwhore can go fuck himself.

Surimike93 Surimike93:

i thought i came back to a thank you video for subbing

Soul_King Soul_King:

You girl are the MVP. Its nice to meet another soldier doing their part. Salutes from another 9 yr old (jk)

Gowsk Gowsk:

Someone called his content "unfunny" and "not good" but they also forgot "occasionally racist or homophobic".

BustyJenny BustyJenny:

I don't know why this is in recommended but I freaking love it

SexLuNi SexLuNi:

check how he fucks me

SpeedyMcSpeederson SpeedyMcSpeederson:

No thanks. I've seen his content. In the industry, we call it "not good" or, to connoisseurs, "unfunny", however, I'll subscribe to you if it makes any difference.

Rule34Addict117 Rule34Addict117:

Not gonna lie, came for the meme but holy shit some of your content is hot. Usually hate leaving these types of comments, but you're a fan of our lord Felix and Darling in the FranXX and the No Nut November vid is hilarious. Fucking subbed. Also ew to the dude from 9gag.

MamiandPapiXXX MamiandPapiXXX:

daddy eats my pussy until i cum

InterracialFreaks9 InterracialFreaks9:

Watch me suck the hell outta my white boyfriend for 15 minutes then swallow his cumm

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New french amateur on PH, go check guys :

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prettyevil prettyevil:

Omg so hot subscribe PewDiePie !!

Predanator Predanator:

Hottest think I saw for a while... Besides your other videos of course

Deadsell Deadsell:

Why sub on him?

msutopia msutopia:

Need longer video

Carbon_Dioxide Carbon_Dioxide:

hope to see some use of that 80mil merch in future? HmmmmmmmMmmMm?

young_sailorman young_sailorman:

Indigo as host for Meme Review confirmed!

Jjjake1997 Jjjake1997:

Came here for a quick fap but instead found this gem from a queen simply doing her part. You ask me to to subscribe to Felix? From a long term Pewdipie subscriber I'm proud to say I am subscribed to not only our lord and savior, Felix but to the thot queen, Indigo White as well. Live a long and prosperous life.

DM1234566 DM1234566:

Thots, Jake Paulers, Logangsters, "I don't know the name of those who follows our great warrior mr. beast", all of us are here together to win the battle against t-series, i'm so proud of this communityi didn't came from reddit, I came here for the girl, but it seems that fate wanted to show me that the battle is not over yet and we can win, long live to the thot queen, Indigo White. You did your part milady

PinkGBC PinkGBC:

Already subscribed to him so I decided to subscribe to you too

n0vice2 n0vice2:

You should do a porno coloab with him and marzia. nice 3 way.

waassuup waassuup:

Why are you showing your tits while asking us to subscribe to pewdipie, how are either of those connected?regardless, came from 9gag, already subscribed.

geRmanEmpire6 geRmanEmpire6:

Already did. Bitch I apprichiate Thatcher you sacrifice your tits for our Lord and against the Dark enemy wo's name never be sais.

Miss UniQueen Miss UniQueen:

Doing your part! Absolute Legend!

SkadronUdara11 SkadronUdara11:

All hail 9 yo gamers

ZippyPick ZippyPick:

Damn she's pretty stacked for a 9 yo

MrMrsFuck MrMrsFuck:

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Lost_My_Keys Lost_My_Keys:

Look man I’m just missing my keys, I don’t need to go to jail

IglooNut420 IglooNut420:

Fbi open up

explodingavocado explodingavocado:

ahh yes, chris hassan, the arab version of chris hansen.

AestheticSandwich AestheticSandwich:

It's not illegal until the cops find out!

LionnaBest LionnaBest:

Watch and enjoy me

PracticallyAVirgin PracticallyAVirgin:

This post right here officer

lolxd64 lolxd64:

Get chris Hassan

Garftheficker Garftheficker:


HabaneroDucks HabaneroDucks:

Wait, that's illegal

InterracialFreaks9 InterracialFreaks9:

Dirty talk slurping and cock teasing until he comes

totallymady totallymady:

My boner died while I was rofl'ing

HidanYugakuri HidanYugakuri:


oqo oqo:

All CGI ofcourse

AurynAlexi AurynAlexi:

Want to see me get fucked after class? Check out this video

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blackberryjack blackberryjack:

god fucking damn join the army

FBIopenup666 FBIopenup666:

Coming qfter you you sumbitch!

Indigo White Indigo White:

yaroslavt yaroslavt:

FBI open up!

Castiel3444 Castiel3444:

the FBI wants to know your location!!!

RobinReudig RobinReudig:

Top 10 best anime crossovers of all time.

SiegOwl SiegOwl:

lmao and then there is these 2 brainlets just under me

LoveAndFire LoveAndFire:

This is Right!?

InterracialFreaks9 InterracialFreaks9:

Watch me blow my bf until he cums all in my mouth and I swallow

Exo-dus Exo-dus:

A Reddit post brought me here

Lukeskywalk82 Lukeskywalk82:

Top rated brought me here

gillbates9 gillbates9:

Im proudly saying my recommended brought me here

omenmeow omenmeow:

Lol. Same here

Shdfdk Shdfdk:

Nigram nighere niglol

MinecraftLover422 MinecraftLover422:

I also just found it

20olivia19 20olivia19:

honestly I just found it haha

ThisIsNotYoutub3 ThisIsNotYoutub3:

same fam

Ace4302 Ace4302:

same here lol

OlavTurboKnepper OlavTurboKnepper:

Sure bud

EscanorQSS EscanorQSS:

So we've even got porn queen, huh?

Adirtyguy Adirtyguy:


cunt-lapper-mark-4 cunt-lapper-mark-4:

Come for the cock tease, stay for the racist garbage.

InterracialFreaks9 InterracialFreaks9:

Watch me blow my bf until he cums all in my mouth and I swallow

Hyunkun Hyunkun:

we even got Johnny Sins on our side

P9yvmt6l P9yvmt6l:

The Emperor approves this video. Your "assets" will be very usefull to support our troops in the fight against T-Series. It's an honor to have you onboard!

mysteryman112 mysteryman112:

t series is just a bot it doesn't even care so why even bother?

ecstasy_95 ecstasy_95:

Сука блять

HabaneroDucks HabaneroDucks:

Три полоски

bigdickBenS bigdickBenS:

Okay, This Is Epic

fxckherinthepxssy fxckherinthepxssy:

@cunt-lapper-mark-4 "Hey guys I read vox articles and watch Hassan Puker uwu I'm smart and totally not an idiot."

PlatonicHumping PlatonicHumping:

@cunt-lapper-mark-4 MemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboi MemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboi MemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboi MemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMemebigboiMem

cunt-lapper-mark-4 cunt-lapper-mark-4:

Time to rise up? Fucking brain ded white bois.

TheDude1917 TheDude1917:

Time to rise up

Viennaboy89 Viennaboy89:

What are you guys doing here? I thought we were a christian community...

NotNudeCelebs4Free NotNudeCelebs4Free:


Krossery Krossery:

Researches for the next cruaade

PunkiRyan PunkiRyan:

Research purpose...

Thongkadong Thongkadong:

Don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place.Indigo White holds bible study here

FlashMehdi FlashMehdi:

what are U doing here

OysterTheCouch OysterTheCouch:

So I get to watch dank memes and a beautiful woman? I win 10/10

cosmicwarri0r cosmicwarri0r:

Dank and wank

Frenchlola Frenchlola:

#TitsOutForPewDiePie anyone ?

Frenchlola Frenchlola:

Really I think people mostly want tits and/or asses but hey, you do you guys !

dovahkiinpony dovahkiinpony:

Meat scepters out for Pewdiepie

TheStrangeDoctor TheStrangeDoctor:

dicks out for PewDiePie

PewDiePie1984 PewDiePie1984:

Thank you

TheRealiDubbbz TheRealiDubbbz:

Pewdiepie 1984 i didn't realize pewdiepie was 35

the_genius_p the_genius_p:

I’m starting to think that this isn’t YouTube

Austin_James Austin_James:

She's beautiful, she's a gamer girl, she's subbed to Pewdiepie and she's a porn star.I never knew someone so perfect could possibly exist!

ThanosStar ThanosStar:

wait a minute, we all know wamen aren't gamers! nice try wamen. great titties though

TheRealiDubbbz TheRealiDubbbz:

*girls aren't videogames

Blizzaga Blizzaga:

g a m e r s r i s e u p

CoffeeGentleman CoffeeGentleman:

Well, 9gag brought me here. Anyone else?

sexisgrose sexisgrose:

go back to 9fag

Unkn0wn_G0d Unkn0wn_G0d:


Rule34Addict117 Rule34Addict117:

/v/tards where ya at?

TeamRainbowSix TeamRainbowSix:

Ewwwww 9Gag normies dieeee reeeeeeee

wwwhite5 wwwhite5:


BananaCreamPie_98 BananaCreamPie_98:

reddit master race

Doumitt Doumitt:


CrazyPotatoMan47 CrazyPotatoMan47:

get the fuck outta here normie

AwkwardMark AwkwardMark:

here from Reddit

aminjo84 aminjo84:

Yup, me too.

GotYourBack GotYourBack:

Attention fellow 18 year olds! Our Lord needs your help, and the only one who can help is YOU to save him! With a click of a button you can help us to defeat the evil T-Series!

Hellohis9 Hellohis9:

Holy shit Lazzeruz that's genius

Lazzeruz Lazzeruz:

I'm double 9

Losbambino Losbambino:

I think u mean 9 year olds

gatan11 gatan11:

This comment section:99% ** y**r o*d army1% 9gag/Reddit brought me hereStill all hail the newly crowned (porn)queen

memes4pussy memes4pussy:

You should do a meme review video but like stripping over the course of it

PotatoMC PotatoMC:

You laugh you lose (an article of clothing)

Lazzeruz Lazzeruz:

Strip everytime she laughs.Try not to strip challenge

Rohsub Rohsub:

Why would anyone above 12 years sub to pewdiepie ... ?

PlatonicHumping PlatonicHumping:


Lazzeruz Lazzeruz:

Because he's getting stronger and stronger every meme he kills.

Seldszar Seldszar:

cause he doesn't do much gaming now. some people miss that but I dont. I didn't like is overhyped gaming vids back in the day but I find him ok now.

PornCriticthe3rd PornCriticthe3rd:

best video Iv seen on Pornhub

Pony4Hour Pony4Hour:



Please host meme review!

SpaghettiHentai SpaghettiHentai:

I saw the merch and i ejaculated so hard the boobs where okay i guess.

Mizui3301 Mizui3301:

70k views only. It will be a lot more soon. PogChamp tits

harrison100 harrison100:

Guys, I'm not like other girls. I'm a cool gamer girl, just like you! Guys, GUYS! I'M NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS!

hazycozmicjive hazycozmicjive:

..its a meme..chill

amberubrud amberubrud:

ah, a real incel is among us

Indigo White Indigo White:

Nobody said that lmao

whatthefxckisthis whatthefxckisthis:

I subscribed to T-Series just because of this video. Thanks for doing your part.

Indigo White Indigo White:


DonDongWithMom DonDongWithMom:

them indians be shaking right now

cunt-lapper-mark-4 cunt-lapper-mark-4:

Evil's not sexy.

spainy1995 spainy1995:

lets get this on lwiay.

CrazyPotatoMan47 CrazyPotatoMan47:


StarFucksZer0 StarFucksZer0:

That’s how mafia works

theElonMusk theElonMusk:

I approve this massage

svtvn svtvn:


harley365 harley365:

yeah no. im still not nor will i ever subscribe to that racist pewdiepie

Mastercontroluser Mastercontroluser:

i can tell you don't understand PewDiePie or his content. You choose to believe what the news news sources tell you.

cunt-lapper-mark-4 cunt-lapper-mark-4:

Yeah fuck him and all these MAGA shithead white boy commenters trying to take over the world with the iron hand of the grease-fisted hypocrite. This world needs a true revolution.

David Stalone David Stalone:

1 like = 1 day without fapping

Th0TSlay3r420 Th0TSlay3r420:

Never thought I’d fight alongside an enemy.

cunt-lapper-mark-4 cunt-lapper-mark-4:

You're trash.

curuguz curuguz:

This is illegal bc she's 9

Octopuxxxy Octopuxxxy:

Not the heroine we deserve, but the one we need

Lil_Bean Lil_Bean:

Anyone know where the minecraft redstone tutorials are?

Lazzeruz Lazzeruz:

Nick Fury, I think they compare the quality of memes and titties

SamuelLjackson669 SamuelLjackson669:

Yeah, does anyone know how comparators work?

Ser4phic Ser4phic:

Oh yes I have definitely risen up

Lilfattyass Lilfattyass:

Came here for the meme, wasn’t disappointed

Karambwan Karambwan:

Fap for pewdie

cunt-lapper-mark-4 cunt-lapper-mark-4:

We will abolish the orgasm.

Meaterbeater6999 Meaterbeater6999:

our new queen

Lazzeruz Lazzeruz:

*clicks tongue* da qween

krosez krosez:

hi mr president

Doug_D_Dimmadome Doug_D_Dimmadome:

Sub to WillNE to defeat Morgz Mum!

Mastercontroluser Mastercontroluser:

this man is the true prophet my fellow 9yrolds

MediumPenisGenius MediumPenisGenius:

Genuinly just saw this on the front page while tryna jack off gotta sub to pewdiepie now

CrustyWangs CrustyWangs:

Gods work right here.

DwaynetheBrockCena DwaynetheBrockCena:

As the great Chief once said:This is it.

TheGameFreak TheGameFreak:

I didnt really give a shit about pewdiepie, but damn, this girl is really good at convinving

Slimycrater Slimycrater:

I’m here from Mattshea. Anyone else?

maxitissqwerty maxitissqwerty:

She did her part

memezlul memezlul:

Thot queen joins the battle

SuconMahDic SuconMahDic:

not my proudest fab

9001fapper 9001fapper:

Wait a moment... Is this YouTube?

6789lehcimxilef 6789lehcimxilef:

Wow, shes really doing her part.

Elias-gaming Elias-gaming:

didn't know there were so many 9-year olds on this site

OfficialAlexJones OfficialAlexJones:

Now this, this is epic

Mate_69420 Mate_69420:

this is epic

agent_77 agent_77:


Mr_Gear Mr_Gear:

Is it slav queen fom yt ?

Jay8400 Jay8400:

Pay your taxes

Shdfdk Shdfdk:

Nigtension all niggers

OhYeahYeahGang OhYeahYeahGang:

Now this is the kind of video I needed on my recommended.

Yannekaz5 Yannekaz5:

Oh yeah yeah

SDavid31 SDavid31:

I already subbed to Felix but I subbed to you

swankfuck swankfuck:

I came in three seconds

JRS1987 JRS1987:

Save our lord and savior Pewdiepie from that evil T-gay

thegoldengranny thegoldengranny:

I need a girlfriend but for now this ladies exceptional titties and sub par YouTube channel will fill part of that void. Now I just need an emotional connection, I wonder if daily dick pics could kick start that here, probably.

ShaggyShagFest ShaggyShagFest:

Damn it’s getting this serious that indigo white is getting in on this lets fucking go

cunt-lapper-mark-4 cunt-lapper-mark-4:

Yeah, obviously she really cares about the cause of *squints at notecard* shameless self-promotion and other fascist ideals.

Jotaro___Kujo Jotaro___Kujo:

Yare Yare Daze... I didn't expect something this epic on pornhub.

killakikitte killakikitte:


ufinnadiebaby ufinnadiebaby:

We must rise brothers, for us gamers have been oppressed for far too long.

NyanKei NyanKei:

oh yeah yeah

Yannekaz5 Yannekaz5:

Oh yeah yeah

Fortnite1337exe Fortnite1337exe:

subscribe to pewdiepie

Fortnite1337exe Fortnite1337exe:

Subscribe to PewDiePie-

BoneZonee BoneZonee:

can i like a video more then once?

UnicornGrinder1 UnicornGrinder1:


DaRealPewdz DaRealPewdz:

Sponsored by "Don't Tell Marzia Production"

KonaCobra KonaCobra:

We've had all the different queens. Its time for Porn Queen

kwiixd kwiixd:

damn u lucky i should've copped that merch its

Krish2116 Krish2116:

Thank You Indigo White For The Support.. VERYY COOL....

Zabore Zabore:

Weird flex, but okay

Knightofjerusalem Knightofjerusalem:

Wait a second this isnt the holy land. But that's okay

nicol285285 nicol285285:

Don't you want to review memes sometimes?

SkadronUdara11 SkadronUdara11:

True 9 yo

ohyeahyeahyea ohyeahyeahyea:

oh yeah yeah yeah

Hellena Bottom Hellena Bottom:

I prefer JackSepticEye

MilfLoverFapper MilfLoverFapper:

Reported for nudity

kotsios100 kotsios100:

Does anyone play apex?

tumza56 tumza56:


vasuno1 vasuno1:

Pewds put this in LWIAY then You can copystrick pewdiepie.

Adirtyguy Adirtyguy:


A_Stop_Cone A_Stop_Cone:

Jacking off and memes? What is this, a crossover episode?

haymoss haymoss:

Gamers rise up, thot does her make up

Sheev_The_Senate Sheev_The_Senate:

Ok, now this is epic

DoctorDoom19 DoctorDoom19:

She looks like a pizza I'm hungry...

nimbus6pibi2 nimbus6pibi2:

Gamers rise up

fortniteboregar fortniteboregar:

Hey I’m trying to enjoy my free pornhib premium! What the heck

KingLeopoldIII KingLeopoldIII:

Almost as hot as the Congo.

PewDiePr0n PewDiePr0n:

Host meme review?

SubToPewdiepie22 SubToPewdiepie22:

Loved the video, except for when she showed her tits. SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE!

fuckusernames97 fuckusernames97:

this is SO epic

pussyboiiis pussyboiiis:

semyon19 semyon19:

Сука блять! (пиздец нахуй йбоный врот медведь водка балалайка)

JameskiiVEVO JameskiiVEVO:

Bless your soul for helping us in this long cold war

SteveSteveSteve123 SteveSteveSteve123:

1 thousandth comment, niceSubscribe to Pewdiepie

DaddieBunnie DaddieBunnie:


Babyz101 Babyz101:


BlenkBlank BlenkBlank:

Thank you Indigo, very cool.

Sub2PewDiePie4Free Sub2PewDiePie4Free:


Bambi Araki Bambi Araki:

Indigo you're so fuggin HOT!!!

ThatOneDude18912 ThatOneDude18912:

Yo, thanks for doing your part!!!

BiigBoii69 BiigBoii69:

i came

LionnaBest LionnaBest:


ItsAllOgreNow420 ItsAllOgreNow420:

apex legends is such a good game

HornyHammer2017 HornyHammer2017:

Bobs and vegana!Bitch lasagna!

SuperHotMild SuperHotMild:

Oh yeah yeah

forestfapper forestfapper:

Why would an actual gamer subscribe to pewdiepie though?

SeriouslySecret SeriouslySecret:

He played beat saber now he’s an official gamer that’s why

Octavio_2000 Octavio_2000:

I'm so proud of this community

casselrock casselrock:

Okay, this is epic

Phil Bush Phil Bush:

I nut to PewDiePie now thanks to her

Buttfanz Buttfanz:

2 x 9 = 18. You better team up with someone to make the numbers add

bigjohn1842 bigjohn1842:

LMFAO genius

InterracialFreaks9 InterracialFreaks9:

Dirty talk slurping and cock teasing until he comes

revsalot revsalot:

Petition for our Porn Queen to host meme review

One_sho One_sho:

the dislikes are from t series

yungdagrdic yungdagrdic:

this is illegal we r all going to jail ur only 9

ZapDroid ZapDroid:

Jesus Christ. This shit can fuck off

ShookyPH ShookyPH:

My favorite video yet!

BigTiddyExpert BigTiddyExpert:

As a veteran of the 9yo army i never thought I would fall along side a thot,but a fellow 9yo, eye i could do that.

pornowatcher123 pornowatcher123:

I would die if Pewds would see this lmao

OvalOvary OvalOvary:

Cr1tikal is more important

renyixu renyixu:


Museigen Museigen:

Have you done your part guys?

WetMikka WetMikka:

Subscribe guys, he need this!

ShitFat ShitFat:

Alright gamers, I'm making a 10th account to sub to pewdiepie

broother broother:

She’s doing her part what about you??

cunt-lapper-mark-4 cunt-lapper-mark-4:

Death to all Nazis.

Agent4TY7 Agent4TY7:

I'm gonna attack on your kneeeee aaaarrrhhh.......

Agent4TY7 Agent4TY7:


Fuck_Shit_Stack Fuck_Shit_Stack:

Meat sceptre retractsPewDiePie binge begins

BlueP1e BlueP1e:

Smash that like button if you are waiting for her to make a cover on BITCH LASAGNA

Mackocska Mackocska:

now I want fuck you

dupsterbaby dupsterbaby:


DoNotLewdTheLolis DoNotLewdTheLolis:

What a hero.

giannisd1 giannisd1:

I came back to this video just to dislike it

Skory_xd Skory_xd:

wait a sec how is possible that all of us is here when we are just 9year olds?

Lazzeruz Lazzeruz:

Do a YLYL.But everytime you laugh one piece of clothing comes off.To reveal there are a lot of pewds stickers all over your body.

muddlets muddlets:

Oh Yeah Yeah

Yannekaz5 Yannekaz5:

Oh yeah yeah

RevisoryLeech24 RevisoryLeech24:

she is so hot but i dont want to jerk off to her wierd dad hello kitty roleplays

AHentaiEnthusiast AHentaiEnthusiast:


johnm8bro johnm8bro:

She did her part now do yours !

TelekomHU TelekomHU:


SocsGood SocsGood:

Attention! Russian here!Самое интересное тут то, что это видео просто не включат те, кто не подписан на Пьюдса, тоесть будут не в теме. Значит значительного буста подписчиков оно ему не принесёт.Однако, подписчики добавятся на канал этой леди на этом самом прекрасном сайте, сам подпи

mafiosy11 mafiosy11:


StellaAndSterling StellaAndSterling:


justhannah justhannah:

yay boobies

farik83 farik83:

Сука Блять

Anonymus640 Anonymus640:

okay, this one convinced me... i'm subscribing to pewdiepie

datodre datodre:

I love that tiny detail where the cupboard intentionally left open.

MBensz MBensz:

I was alreadysubscribedtopewdiepie, but I feltthat I oweyou, soI made another account to subscribe topewdiepieonce more

ivan_duque ivan_duque:

subscribe to Presidencia de la República - Colombia

thepremiumporn thepremiumporn:


AmnaAmna123 AmnaAmna123:


fahrat fahrat:

i love u

snekBoie snekBoie:

pewdie must see this

Denis143 Denis143:

сука блять)))

ChoclateGuy69 ChoclateGuy69:

The real mvp

Normalguy18 Normalguy18:

What an absolute Mad Ladette!

doge_skywalker doge_skywalker:

Did I just fucking fell for a pornstar? Man, I'm lonely...

OWellWellWell OWellWellWell:

This woman a savior

TooPersonal TooPersonal:

I already busted a good nut and was heading to YouTube to watch theRadBrad play RE2 Remake, but then saw this beauty and noticed I gotta nut one last time


Who else thinks Total Drama Island is one of the best shows of all time?

nikoskokonos13 nikoskokonos13:

Is it ok if i post this to his subreddit?

borrelnootje borrelnootje:

best pornhub video ever

Nerd17 Nerd17:

Not all heroes wear capes!

rincewind82 rincewind82:

Those are some majestic tits. I mean ... nature is just amazing!

Cazac23 Cazac23:


TableGrables TableGrables:


CommunistRebel69 CommunistRebel69:

The porn queen

reviveron369 reviveron369:


lewdinter lewdinter:

next level marketing skills

boobslover1011 boobslover1011:

You should host Meme Review


ok , this is epic

azqwsxedcrfvgtbyh azqwsxedcrfvgtbyh:


Shalalala3 Shalalala3:

oooooh, that's hot!

Notturno Notturno:

Ok. This is epic.

chinchinishere chinchinishere:

the perfect girl doesn't exi......

Andrew9825 Andrew9825:

Well im subcribe already so now gonna look through yo other videos man you got cute titties Mhmmm

SierraMike27 SierraMike27:

someone pls explain whats with all the sub to pewdiepie crap flying around

Cide Cide:

So this is how he got all those subs!

SolemDeus SolemDeus:

Да!Подписыывайтесь на пудипая,сука блядь!

kennethrem kennethrem:

Okay. This is epic.

OhFuckYesPlease OhFuckYesPlease:

The Anti-Alinity

ItsMeGoku ItsMeGoku:

How did i already know what she was going to say because of the title XD

tengosueno tengosueno:


BlackJesusOfficial BlackJesusOfficial:

Subscribe to pewdiepie!!!

kawai1i11i kawai1i11i:


kkok5407 kkok5407:

Our army of nine year olds will conquer pornhub!!!!

realmoflust realmoflust:

sub to PDP is now new porn genre??

Dandalf Dandalf:

Thank you thot, very cool.

0Druchii 0Druchii:

anyone else excited for ace combat 7?

dannyboi3390 dannyboi3390:

Dan gives this a yeah

bananacumo bananacumo:

This is what I'm here for.

dorapada dorapada:

I subscribed miss we will won over t series

ZzzzzIsNice ZzzzzIsNice:

i watched nearly 2k videos and this one was the best

fun_times_5453 fun_times_5453:

I have done my part. Down with t series

expacc expacc:

Subscribe to T-Series

AjFitzy AjFitzy:

God bless you woman. Keep fighting the good fight.

TheSeventhDemon TheSeventhDemon:

Ok this is Epic.*clap* NEXT *clap* BITCH

umrmoustafa umrmoustafa:

god damn it sub to felix assholles

Wimpod Wimpod:

I'm proud of this community

Hellblazer2078 Hellblazer2078:

Subscribe to Jablinski Games!!!

JonSnowyo JonSnowyo:

A true legend.We fight on

bignibba911 bignibba911:

Pewds must be so proud of his fans

42069lollmao 42069lollmao:


bob123451 bob123451:

Now this is epic

michael026 michael026:

cyka blyat i guess i like 9year olds now

rtrs rtrs:

Okay, this is epic.

ItsTheSpiderMan ItsTheSpiderMan:


butamigonna butamigonna:

What a hero

z3rograv1tyx z3rograv1tyx:

what an epic gamer

yobamos yobamos:

didn't get to see this vid before it was too late. so I decided to swallow my own cum and then I went back to subscribe to Pewdiepie. then I went back to jerk off once again. *that's how mafia works*

Toxicgirlow Toxicgirlow:

Let's get indigo white to host meme review!!!

HungHaus HungHaus:

The perfect wahmen doesn’t exi-

Zoryt Zoryt:

I am so proud of this community

AttilaTheBarbarian AttilaTheBarbarian:

You are so cool

roflcopterzz roflcopterzz:

We have the Queen, the Steam Queen, the Slav Queen and now we have Tiddy Queen.All Hail Indigo White, Tiddy Queen of the 9 y/o Army!

LargeWillyMan46 LargeWillyMan46:

The perfect girl doesn't exi...

lomelito32 lomelito32:

now you are the porn queen

anouar007 anouar007:

That’s a hot 9year oldOh fk Am I going to jail for this

domibearbomb domibearbomb:

I've seen worse reasons to subscribe to him. Fine done

cheron78 cheron78:

how about some Asian representation in the porn industry?

supersaiyenshagger supersaiyenshagger:

Absulut mad lass

Stalindosehentia Stalindosehentia:

I think I’m in love

lealol lealol:


Darkfelt Darkfelt:


lealol lealol:


Darkfelt Darkfelt:

Do a selfie fap for us and upload it

Szting Szting:

I’m subscribed to Pewdiepie since 2012. That means I was 3yo at the time!

satanlovesporn12 satanlovesporn12:

But I'm already subscribed to Pewds

Woolthorp Woolthorp:

Except do not subscribe to that useless bastard.

dicky16harry dicky16harry:

i will jack off to tseries songs now, Indiaa wins

darylfal darylfal:

This is trying way too hard.

Surango_NL Surango_NL:

Fuck that twat, just subscribed to Tseries

Pixalion Pixalion:


anon4good anon4good:

amazing pewdie is always winning

Zukee88 Zukee88:

Lol, I'll never subscribe to that talentless swedecuck retard but nice tits though.

Rnavamavanr Rnavamavanr:

Don’t be an asshole and go to subscribe lasagna

BaldBvrBandit BaldBvrBandit:

she's not a real porn star, shr doesn't even fuck real dick. and PewDiePie is a racist.

CummieMagic CummieMagic:

I hate this so fucking much. Fuck Pewdiepie

Indigo White Indigo White:

Ah, i see we have a t-series spy amongst us. How very un-cash money of you.

Lucky-Mia Lucky-Mia:

PEWDIPIE is for virgins.

Thefappingbro95 Thefappingbro95:

pewdiepie can go fuck him self with all his stupid subscribers too, dumb cunts.

Dafaqer117 Dafaqer117:

suka bleat' ahahha

JawnThaDon JawnThaDon:

shes hot, not as hot as this new track on soundcloud tho

Secret Muffin Secret Muffin:

Sexy! If you like see our POV

thedarkdeveloper thedarkdeveloper:

I like the fact that you are willing to support and promote him (for some odd reason; don't know if he is your bf/husband/friend/whatever); however, PewDiePie sucks. He sucks so much as a commentator, annoys both me, and my friends, and I cannot do that. I sincerely hopes he cleans up his act or goes away. Still, I admire you for doing that for him. And on a less formal and serious notion: you have some nice tits! lol

thegoldengranny thegoldengranny:

medenko medenko:

youtube link?

BrianSnow BrianSnow:

why in fuck is americans wearing Slavs clothing now? Popusis mi kurac kasni, some kurwa ✊

jaybee1110 jaybee1110:

What in the name of unholy ass is this fuckness?

Azulento Azulento:

i don't get it. who are you. who's peaudy π ?

ferddyboy ferddyboy:

Why is everyone saying subcribe to Pewdiepie? Is this a thing?

Obeliske Obeliske:

Except PewDiePie sucks...

Honrosa25 Honrosa25:

Why? Pewdiepie is an asshole.

gtfphacc69 gtfphacc69:

boobs are nice message fucking retarded

hockurt hockurt:

how about anyone but Pewdiepie???

YourSingleBoy YourSingleBoy:

A lot of subs to pew guys!

AngelDeus AngelDeus:

The fuck is wrong with you people?

porndefence porndefence:

Сука блять

gimpshopartist gimpshopartist:

Okay this is epic

CakeCraft025 CakeCraft025:

thank u for this art

Incognitomodeboy Incognitomodeboy:

Can I take out the disc while the game is downloading on Xbox one?

Sub2P3wDi3Pie Sub2P3wDi3Pie:

Now this turns me on.

Used_Napkin Used_Napkin:

Not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need. Do your part and help resist T-Series

dushtoKobi dushtoKobi:

গোলাপ হয় লাল বেগুন হয় ইন্ডিগো, ফিলিক্স ভাই এর পক্ষ হইতে এই পাগলের ভালবাসা নিও । - দুষ্টকবি

PressFtopayrespecc PressFtopayrespecc:

The perfect girl doesn't exi-

Adam_Racewarski Adam_Racewarski:

you forgot to brofist yourself

Pewdschair399 Pewdschair399:

Have you bought his chair yet. It's only 399

Platypus_King Platypus_King:

You know Pewdiepie is racist right? That means you're racist.

Beesinatrenchcoat Beesinatrenchcoat:

i did my part


are there any 9 year olds here?

ballzdeeps ballzdeeps:

came here from 9gag lmao

ilovetits713 ilovetits713:

Pewdipie is fucking awesome ninja can go suck four dicks

Magic_Mike_12 Magic_Mike_12:

What did i just watch XD

zapsalvation zapsalvation:

Hit like if you want this to make it to LWAIY

SubtoPewdiepie690 SubtoPewdiepie690:

Thank you for your service

harley365 harley365:

how big are her tits?

Jjthompsonn Jjthompsonn:

These thots are just doing this to reap the fame off of PewDiePie. But regardless subscribe to PewDiePie.

JJ2366 JJ2366:

she's doing her part

JJ2366 JJ2366:

she's doing her part

babygurl6699 babygurl6699:

that was hot but i’m already subscribed to him

AlrightThisIsEpic AlrightThisIsEpic:

Alright this is epic

ilovedogsx ilovedogsx:

rise up

Bigdickhenty Bigdickhenty:

Not bad

CubsWS16 CubsWS16:

When this video popped up in my suggested videos, I almost gave it a thumbs down...then those fantastic titties came out. Thumbs up for sure!

F4EPhilosophy F4EPhilosophy:

Anyone want to play Apex on PC? My name is Harry_Po0ter

benshaYEETo benshaYEETo:

Yay pornhub

Sinusis Sinusis:

Блять сука! Неужели это так блять популярно сука?)

dead_232 dead_232:


BigPepeMan23 BigPepeMan23:

A fellow ** y**r o*d doing her part.... WAIT WHAT!

420Dickomode 420Dickomode:

Knuckles: crackedDick: beatenBrofist: muahaYup, it's gamer time

RobertSpeedwagon RobertSpeedwagon:

Okay this is epic

Step-Father Step-Father:

E p i c !

epicgamerlord420 epicgamerlord420:

Sup niggers

waluigiissugadaddy waluigiissugadaddy:

We stan a queen. You heard her: SUB to PEWDS!

igotasadcumbb igotasadcumbb:

Yes queen thank you for doing your part in this bloody war. Godspeed.

Slappypatty69 Slappypatty69:

Fuck yes go sub to pewdiepie

Buttersnutter Buttersnutter:

Chase a bag don’t worry ‘bout what I’m doin

PrabakarGanesh23 PrabakarGanesh23:

Wait. If she is a ** y**r o*d, then shouldn't this be illegal? HMMMM

Mappgoincrazy Mappgoincrazy:

Guacamole nigga penis

Baljeet__Tjinder Baljeet__Tjinder:

Subscribe to PewDiePie fuck T-Series

JJSlipping JJSlipping:

Guys add me on snapchat and I'm tryna talk to tons of people. Its wilbercube_0

imgonnacum21 imgonnacum21:

if you know, you know

Epicgamer1111 Epicgamer1111:

I get that you're a pornstar and all but you seem like a really wholesome ** y**r o*d. Thank you for doing your part epic gamer!

ar23456 ar23456:

Keep up the good work fellow 9 yearold

cleverbonesjones cleverbonesjones:

Wait a minute 9 year olds cant be on an 18+ website

Xyrve Xyrve:

Very cool

Smosh53211 Smosh53211:


minecraftgamer44 minecraftgamer44:

We’re in the endgame now. T-Series has nearly bested Pewdiepie.

Artyom2025 Artyom2025:

Oh the memes have made it to porn hub. This has gone too far.

rossiscool45 rossiscool45:


TauSodan TauSodan:

Wait. This isn't youtube?

ChadWants2Die ChadWants2Die:

Here's a message from the chief saying this in fact is it. Chief: This is it.

Ehbyy Ehbyy:

So I made an account for premium...turns out it was a lie I dont have the credit card. Thanks for helping me nut Ma'am & Ive been subbed to our lord since 2013

creampielord227 creampielord227:


CrazySloth CrazySloth:

what timeline is this

fellow9yearold fellow9yearold:

Smash *clap Subscribe *clap

Adrian420 Adrian420:

She’s the hero that we needed

bonerjamzz bonerjamzz:

You’re really doing the work of the people and we salute you

Dunnderbubblan69 Dunnderbubblan69:

Subscribe to my swidish brother Felix

Anti_Christ Anti_Christ:

Jokes on you, there aren't any 9 year olds here.

nb2433451960 nb2433451960:


GasMaskOnAPillow GasMaskOnAPillow:


AdmiralAckbar69 AdmiralAckbar69:

It's not a trap!

bobisnt bobisnt:

you should do porn in this merch

f5vehead f5vehead:

Subscribe to pewdiepie

robloxgod696969 robloxgod696969:

Subscribe the best fortnite streamer to have ever existed Pewdiepie!

frgyt frgyt:

Subscribe to Pewdiepie. T series big gay

MayonnaiseKing MayonnaiseKing:

Fuck yeah! Rise and grind gamers! Also add me on Siege (PC) @MayonnaiseKing

ihavemanyquestions ihavemanyquestions:

Ha! Jokes on you slut, i jerk off to pewdiepie! oh wait-

Bigdickdady697 Bigdickdady697:

Rip x

Eriborne_12 Eriborne_12:

What’s her @?

ElAsies ElAsies:

Petition for Indigo White hosting meme review

jarhead09 jarhead09:

Wait, this isn't YouTube.

Im13bitchess Im13bitchess:


Nomoli Nomoli:

i loove this

Andyroo66 Andyroo66:

I love that Sub to pewdiepie is the number 1 searched

hornymale4673 hornymale4673:

gso wa5 lady wood like to have thwy pussy lick ed and fuxked by my ten inc

bigdude277 bigdude277:

I compare PewDiePie as big boss and the ** y**r o*d army as the soldiers of outer haven now.


14 tween

cantwait4porn cantwait4porn:

very compelling....

levistone levistone:

In my best drake voice "But I was still starin at the titties thoughhh."

ElieFm ElieFm:

Add yo boy on snap

I-Dubbiezz I-Dubbiezz:

Doin yo part

daddy_lingling123 daddy_lingling123:

Gamers rise tf up!!! *MO BAMBA PLAYS WHILE I TAKE A SHID*

gmcmitchell gmcmitchell:

Bitch suck a dick next time

JavHD JavHD:

Very cool

fuckingbitch42069 fuckingbitch42069:

gamers and gang weeders rise up

pillowfucker5000 pillowfucker5000:

Follow pillowflufferr on Instagram for some dank memes

hi9514 hi9514:

This is beautiful

aingram2022 aingram2022:

This is it Chief

SickleoftheReaper SickleoftheReaper:

Retarded Cunt

senzubeanz senzubeanz:

This is legit your hottest video. I need more

TrapsAreNotGayBBC TrapsAreNotGayBBC:

Cant stop wont stop

SickleoftheReaper SickleoftheReaper:

Fucking dumb twat.

P3rvert189 P3rvert189:


crackpipe88 crackpipe88:

pewdiepie sucks but 0:20 made it

zyox123cc zyox123cc:


skrattar1234 skrattar1234:

Buss down thotiana!

SvinkaPeppa21 SvinkaPeppa21:

Сука Блять?? What??

Jehr Jehr:

Already did can i get nudes ?

CanISayTheNWord CanISayTheNWord:

i’m so proud of this community

jasonberrieslol jasonberrieslol:

Wait... Did a nine year old just show me her tits?

OhDayumGirl OhDayumGirl:

Fuck Pewdiepie

YourLoveDump YourLoveDump:

Well when you put it that way

daddyscamille daddyscamille:

I’m so horny and my pussy so wet would you like to stick it inside me

Chloechlo1933 Chloechlo1933:

Premium snap chloechlo92

Resuabjunior Resuabjunior:

I like this girl. I would almost give up my boy steve for her

microsoftword2013 microsoftword2013:

This is epic

NotAminir NotAminir:

the only thot i support

rickmortyhighIQ rickmortyhighIQ:

you gotta Loopty loop and pull and your durags looking smooth

WilltheHen WilltheHen:

The internet is great

The_Rookie_ODST The_Rookie_ODST:



I pressed the sub button with my dick. Back to fapping

XxKittyMuncherxX XxKittyMuncherxX:

This is so Gangsta

Thedutchess95 Thedutchess95:

haha this made me laugh xD

KnightPen KnightPen:

Well I ain't gay so I ain't doing it.

Onethiccgrill Onethiccgrill:

Unchristian, I dislike men

Radalex123 Radalex123:


RiddleRee RiddleRee:

This is actually super hot


Nice hat

HiraiKawaii HiraiKawaii:

I like your style

corruptmentalities corruptmentalities:

sexy lil freak

IloX IloX:

Subscribe to PewDiePie

Random_asian_kid Random_asian_kid:

Rise and fap gamers

Connor_Crow Connor_Crow:

Conner Crow approves

7inchteeen 7inchteeen:

thank you for you service

Zoidberg6 Zoidberg6:

No no boobs on my Christian server

makctenxlianna makctenxlianna:

Rise up gamers

skrattar1234 skrattar1234:

Pls be my E-girl

ItReallyBeLikeDa7 ItReallyBeLikeDa7:

Host Meme review?

ilastoneminute ilastoneminute:

this video states truth in our society.

ammar1122 ammar1122:

now i know who is my fav pornstar

red-painful red-painful:


NotMrKrabs NotMrKrabs:

This is what step sis should really be doin

lilgreekfury lilgreekfury:

You are my hero

h3rEf0rMemeS h3rEf0rMemeS:

Now she needs to make the area where the mirror is a cupboard so she can jump out of it.

Pornviewerthatsit Pornviewerthatsit:

World peace has been achieved

USSRname99 USSRname99:

fuck pewdiepie

GoRgE_BUsH911 GoRgE_BUsH911:

Now this is epic

W3aponizedAutism W3aponizedAutism:

Thank you Indigo, very cool!



fuckboneless fuckboneless:

Who here from ig meme?

GuyBlews GuyBlews:

Thank you for doing your part!

astinad astinad:

No, that dude can go to hell

papi7inches papi7inches:

Come follow my page, IM new here and I’ll upload more

SchlongSchlinger SchlongSchlinger:

There's no such thing as a virtuous tho-

mariolanes7788 mariolanes7788:

Okay, this is epic but.... Isn't it illegal for people to jack off to a ** y**r o*d?

omenmeow omenmeow:

9 year olds approved

hornylittlegirl3 hornylittlegirl3:

Add my snap baller.mani

pussywreck69 pussywreck69:

this ain’t it chief

frozaum frozaum:


Cumchow Cumchow:


Bella Hendrixx Bella Hendrixx:

Love it

pornlover6 pornlover6:

I can’t wait for the memes

cumrag-cletus cumrag-cletus:


BasicalyMonky BasicalyMonky:

Ngl but that's epic

GarfieldsLasagna GarfieldsLasagna:

So did I just see a 9 year olds tits???

BlyatBandit BlyatBandit:

thank you

reyvro reyvro:

Hmmm strange. Everywhere I seem to go on this website, I see naked people! Help!

Katori-sama Katori-sama:


kazuma-des kazuma-des:


AfroCommando AfroCommando:

How about no

Alluring Anatomy Alluring Anatomy:

Hey my loves, I have lots of photos/videos already up, but will be posting the first video of my tight little pussy getting fucked by my boyfriend once I’m at 800subs❤

Bjorn_meiuqer Bjorn_meiuqer:

I was gonna send a tip but I guess I'll send it to fund Pew News

bikeballs bikeballs:

Didn't know 9 year olds were allowed onm this site

SeriouslySecret SeriouslySecret:

You must be 9


as much as us epic gamers hate thots i think you may have made a truce between both sides. Thank you Indigo White

FuegoAlert42069 FuegoAlert42069:

I fully support this content.

amarelo297 amarelo297:

Didn't know 9 yo came to PornHub

Damniggahoe Damniggahoe:

Thank Indigo White, very cool

babyjanett3 babyjanett3:

Add me on snapchat babyjanett3

QueenKox QueenKox:

The nine year olds think you're a porn queen, nice job.

maxderlummer187 maxderlummer187:

All who want to talk about fuckng and all. Send Friend Request And write me a Pm See u

EzECr1s305 EzECr1s305:

a true ** y**r o*d

EzECr1s305 EzECr1s305:

a true ** y**r o*d

popklorop popklorop:

Nice t-shirt :-) suka blyat

SeriouslySecret SeriouslySecret:

Cyka blyat uncultured swine

robtheknobert robtheknobert:

rise up gamers. we must defeat T-series together.

videoshotysexuales videoshotysexuales:

Now, this is EPIC

RandyJ19 RandyJ19:

Jokes on her, I'm gonna jack off to this

casselrock casselrock:

okay, now this is epic

StripCUM StripCUM:

I've subscribed before, but if I wouldn't, I'd do right now. ❤

AfroCommando AfroCommando:

How about No

evastive evastive:


HabaneroDucks HabaneroDucks:

I came here thinking the "gamers rise up" tag would be of the tik tok meme. This is way better than what I expected

esteoeste esteoeste:

Thanks for the bobs, this video really makes me want to go to a bridge and say "What a fucking GREAT VIDEO"

nadashadow nadashadow:

the hell with pewdepie he sucks

kspock kspock:

I'm doing my part

JDusmcJD JDusmcJD:

I solute you fellow ** y**r o*d!

ImFrongi ImFrongi:


wakhalimasta wakhalimasta:

For that poods has my subscription

JoergAy JoergAy:

stupid bitch

Apollo_Green Apollo_Green:

Крутая кофта

Elamooor Elamooor:


pohuist98 pohuist98:

on your T-shirt is written in Russian "bitch whore"

sexwhisky sexwhisky:


LemmeSeeDemTittiez LemmeSeeDemTittiez:

Uh, how about no? Why the fuck would I subscribe to that shit for?WTF is this?

Master1296 Master1296:

If I wasn't already Subscribed, this would make me

unknown unknown:

Hello! I invite everyone to sex dating.

mooshies mooshies:

Omega nut

the_and_only_god the_and_only_god:

I will spear u when I finally destroy all mortals

TopHatFuckboy TopHatFuckboy:

That was blyatoful

hit4miss hit4miss:

This is truly epic. Felix would be proud. EVERYONE, WE HAVE A HERO

Exzisted2233 Exzisted2233:

For a moment i forgot why i was here for.

Yoyoyo1yeet Yoyoyo1yeet:

Fuck PewDiePie and t-series CBA for did shit

LesbianLatex LesbianLatex:

Not all heroes wears capes

ThreeDboy ThreeDboy:

Doing God's work

Chabbe80 Chabbe80:

You just saw the tits of a 9 yo


As far as viral advertising goes this isn't bad

fuckitgerman fuckitgerman:

This is officially our new commander, sorry Mr.Beast

LinneaGunnarsson LinneaGunnarsson:


totallymady totallymady:

I'm doing both

letsmartej letsmartej:

its you Mrbeast ??

Mysticdoll Mysticdoll:

I been following him for years , also i think its funny how far It has gone ,great job , lol

Ob1kanobe Ob1kanobe:

I'd fuck you so hard you cant fathom it.

SpiderHavePussPuss SpiderHavePussPuss:

this video was on front page of pornhub, they are doing their part

idubbbzph idubbbzph:

dude shes too cute for porn i cant take it im sorry

kenjam01 kenjam01:

Banes_Midwife Banes_Midwife:

petition for Indigo White to host meme review on pornhub

mrbigcrasstels mrbigcrasstels:

сука блять

notyung notyung:

why are you making porn you're fucking beautiful.

2Queerz 2Queerz:


capnducki capnducki:


cptkwirk cptkwirk:

Brilliant work soldier

gh236589 gh236589:

Thank you for doing your part!

Pornpiratezoro Pornpiratezoro:

Is jacerking off to this legal..... She is a nine year old

weeds weeds:

Сука Блять

vlmxxx vlmxxx:

GameOne69 GameOne69:

Subscribe to Piediepie

DRAGON412458 DRAGON412458:


RobloxPlayer321 RobloxPlayer321:

thank you Indigo white, very cool.

Joni---Joni Joni---Joni:

"Сука блять"...))

ankithapatel ankithapatel:

Chilinesis Chilinesis:

epicgamer669 epicgamer669:

Pretty old looking ** y**r o*d

aminecraftvillager aminecraftvillager:


ahfuckkit ahfuckkit:

Now this is epic

BlackMario6969 BlackMario6969:


nippleguy3000 nippleguy3000:

I've been subbed since 2012 bitch. Nice tits tho

OmegaFromFortnite OmegaFromFortnite:

I just imagine all the people who doesn’t know who pewdiepie is, and watch this video thinking like “wait I thought this was a brother sister fuckfest” lmaooo

Sorvet Sorvet:

What a time to be alive, me fellows 9yo

SilHill SilHill:

О! Мерч Пьюди и до сюда дошёл. Лооол...

DarkLurker_Magon DarkLurker_Magon:

Меня одного смущает ее кофта?

fboy123123 fboy123123:

We must win this war

astaroth2991 astaroth2991:

Check this out

plopolop plopolop:

pewdiepie is a nazi



dearsissors32 dearsissors32:


Yoshikage_kira23 Yoshikage_kira23:

Im so proud of this comunity


For every like I wont fap for 1 day

ImagineWagons6996 ImagineWagons6996:

I did my part

1985243195soap 1985243195soap:

i want see you wear this clothe to make video.can you?pls thx and very well your videos

joemecpak joemecpak:

I won't subscribe, but hey, thanks for the nice boobs!

SalamiStroker SalamiStroker:

This pleases me

JiggieButt JiggieButt:

pdp is literally my daddont let t series win 3

Sex_Travels Sex_Travels:

Everytime you like my comment, my vibrator turns on. Be gentle, im going to church now...

Tobias9944 Tobias9944:

holy shit that made my day. even the pornhub community recognized the danger that is T-Series

Lolipolice_69 Lolipolice_69:

All clear here! On to the next video.

shikos2015 shikos2015:

Хорошая байка)

nullptrlalilulelo nullptrlalilulelo:

I know I'm already subscribed to him, but I just went there to double check it.

Gash4Dayz Gash4Dayz:

i'm gonna forego my subscription to pornhub and focus on my sub to pewdiepie

fiftyshadesofblack fiftyshadesofblack:

papa and pewds bless

gblatz gblatz:

lamest video i've ever seen on here

Some Random Macho Some Random Macho:

Already subbed to both

pria_perkasa pria_perkasa:

subscribe my channel.

HaulMyOats HaulMyOats:

The perfect girl doesn't exi-

TechankaMain TechankaMain:

I am Pleased with these offerings. Please keep praying to Pewdiepie, he is fighting for our right to live freely

ProMinecraftGamer1 ProMinecraftGamer1:

Сука блять

Exodia69 Exodia69:

Does any one have a level 50 sandhawk for borderlands 2. Xbox one

FattyDickNigga FattyDickNigga:

Yoo she knows what's up

mysteryman112 mysteryman112:

are your parents proud of you?

CrunchyyPickle CrunchyyPickle:

It's really happening everywhere lol

tabadam tabadam:


Triyur Triyur:

You should make a video of how T-series (T-GAY) is is the worst channel on youtube

Vajajajarvis Vajajajarvis:

I love how this is one of the recommended videos in the UK right now, kachow!

Ohwizzz Ohwizzz:

this whore is obvs trying to get pewdiepies attention.

cityLust cityLust:

weird flex, but ok.

HornyCorny490 HornyCorny490:

Already subbed

Bartandalos Bartandalos:

Based and redpilled

Trypocan9000 Trypocan9000:

Сука блять i see?

Kiriyui Kiriyui:

Thank you Indigo White, very cool.

psychopyro psychopyro:

When a fucking pornhub thot takes advantage of memes for popularity smh. Low key do not need this video to do your part, this could have had the same (if not more) effect if it was posted to youtube. I am ashamed that this was in my feed.

super_cock9 super_cock9:


samme1337 samme1337:

Sub to Poods!

Thotsohuh Thotsohuh:

A star is born.

camaltoy camaltoy:

Сука блять? nice sweatshirt

LudaCritz LudaCritz:

Pfft, screw that, Pewdiepie is annoying as fuck.

IncognitoModeLOOL IncognitoModeLOOL:


Distream79 Distream79:

god is a woman

sai_the_bitch sai_the_bitch:


zhelms7 zhelms7:

Like & Subscribe T Series on YouTube.. these hoes can suck my cock for all i care

illiangel illiangel:

Bitch fuck

P0rnm4ma P0rnm4ma:

Can you guys sub to me❤

AnalGapingLover AnalGapingLover:

OH, didn't expected that ending at all

keysnsticksbitch keysnsticksbitch:

Yup, it's official, the coolest girls are pornstars. I want to marry a pornstar

GodLovingMan GodLovingMan:

With this, we can beat T series

frustwoody frustwoody:


kuksycker kuksycker:


johndoe1041 johndoe1041:

Sorry, I don't support white supremacist sociopathic assholes. Will keep jerking off instead.

MemesFactory MemesFactory:

Сука Блять

arianjaghy arianjaghy:

Wasn't planning on jacking off but i do it for pewds!

SingedRyze SingedRyze:

Vox won't know what to do.

El_Grande_Smokio El_Grande_Smokio:

do your part by disliking this terrible abomination

Mishkoy Mishkoy:

MatikanLehtori MatikanLehtori:

I wonder why this hasn't been reported already. This is a 9 yo we're talking about.

leaglesex leaglesex:

what does she say at 00:20?

cunt-lapper-mark-4 cunt-lapper-mark-4:

Sneak peek? So pewdepie has tits on his channel? I thought it was just dumb bullshit and racist garbage.

Yannekaz5 Yannekaz5:

Pewdiepie needs to see this

PiggyPoopPoop PiggyPoopPoop:

Damn You Millenials!!!

access12345 access12345:


rollsfrost rollsfrost:


KaraDeRaton KaraDeRaton:

Ya llegaron los curifeos

Dromhioja Dromhioja:

what the fuck

skelaton skelaton:

Oh yeah yeah

Yannekaz5 Yannekaz5:

‘Oh yeah yeah

Barak_Yobama Barak_Yobama:

Yes important indeed. It this is

darthblood darthblood:

Amazing, *this is what it is all about*

peterpied peterpied:

What’s your tik tok?


Love it!

TheIronBull TheIronBull:

I love this!

Piglet_Peter Piglet_Peter:

When i say - СУКА,You say - БЛЯТЬ!СУКА!

Knife_Wife Knife_Wife:

Interested in GIRL ON GIRL? Subscribe to Pewdiepie AND our onlyfans

nixahs nixahs:


LunaTiButt LunaTiButt:


Tarkhaniotes Tarkhaniotes:

aman aman nereye geldik bir anda? neresi burası lan? daha demin evdeydim. eve götürün beni amına koyarım olum. fenalık geçiriyorum lan. harbi evde değilim lan. daha demin evdeydim.

DaddieandPrincess DaddieandPrincess:

show your tits or shut the fuck up

No_Name300 No_Name300:

Epic. She actually has Pewds Merch

sexxton_hardcastle sexxton_hardcastle:

I don't know whether to be impressed or ashamed lol

leprykawn leprykawn:

Tseries sent me here


Let her host the meme review

Peke53 Peke53:


joddin joddin:

That 0:22 face...

jaycongo jaycongo:

Well thank you for doing your part!

DinduNuffin88 DinduNuffin88:

Done XD

Bintherefuckedthat Bintherefuckedthat:

she's doing her part

Schoobs Schoobs:

this is pornhub not reddit you 6 yo

TwojStaryPijany12 TwojStaryPijany12:

oh yeah yeah

subforpewdie subforpewdie:

thats what im talking about

rishimistry rishimistry:

yo let me smash

Yeetertron Yeetertron:

My meme page is as dead as my hopes and dreams follow it @White.Mobama

robinrz robinrz:

Now this is epic

VisAlvarez VisAlvarez:

I wish pewdiepie would appreciate you in one of his videos.

sexkaka sexkaka:

Please make a longer video with these clothes, you look really cute.

Sillvo1 Sillvo1:


BurakUbuma BurakUbuma:

BEST Gamer guaranteed Pornhub channel

Blackburne Blackburne:

i don't get pewdie. he's not entertaining. this bitch's tits are tho

bjergjen bjergjen:

I will m'lady

WollyWhopper WollyWhopper:


lonely_croissant lonely_croissant:

daddy owo

satin00 satin00:

I point you ahead the leader you have to become the cum bucket

JonathanKS80 JonathanKS80:


Jimmymtl95 Jimmymtl95:

who wants to posse up on RDR 2 Ps4

Tech-priest Tech-priest:

praise the Omnissiah!

CanISayTheNWord CanISayTheNWord:

I salute our fellow soldiers

PrincessBaekBuns PrincessBaekBuns:


sendmemesandnudes sendmemesandnudes:

Fuck T series

woo39 woo39:

f to pay respects

urHornyWaifu urHornyWaifu:

Now we have a PornHub Queen in 9yo army! Gamers Fap Up!

MalcolmTheTiger MalcolmTheTiger:

I don't listen to the commands of a woman.

KenFromBarbie KenFromBarbie:

Can anyone see my avatar picture?

iKatLOV iKatLOV:


DeKootsj DeKootsj:

yes jerk off blyat...

ah5009000 ah5009000:


AlexysVk AlexysVk:

Nice tits fallow me

EnjoyMyPenis EnjoyMyPenis:

Glad this came into my recommendations

JackinWithJ JackinWithJ:


Juice_wrldd Juice_wrldd:

All girls are the same

Luxifana Luxifana:

I love you already

CantReach2 CantReach2:

Such brave whamen out there.

ForgeinGroundPro ForgeinGroundPro:

Rise up

felixen felixen:

I came for porn, not being told to subscribe to nazis.

Taremwa Taremwa:

well.. I won't subscribe to pewdiepie but... thanks for the the great view and the air anybody knows why this was under "Heiße Porno Videos in Deutsch" (Hot Porn Videos in German)?


Oh yeah yeah

DirtyBoss57 DirtyBoss57:

Bro this shit is getting out of control

MysteriousMaracas MysteriousMaracas:

I did my part.

Snake26rus Snake26rus:


bigbossofficial bigbossofficial:

A true soldier.

PewDiePie1984 PewDiePie1984:

Thanks you Indigo, very cool

Theweespoon Theweespoon:

She's right we haven't lost the war yet

MarfeG MarfeG:


stackedracks stackedracks:

skipping the pewdiepie part

Laurawrbellmore Laurawrbellmore:

Not quite what I expected, but oh well lol.

marley420bob420 marley420bob420:


mankindsangel mankindsangel:

Only Video i actually liked on a porn site.


Man Bethesda got me fucked up these days.

HyLoBvx HyLoBvx:

NoahStevens NoahStevens:

this is incredible

Turkeyrolls Turkeyrolls:

Thank you for doing your part

unknown unknown:

Классные буфера! Влупил бы ей по самое небалуйся)))

rectangleCOCK rectangleCOCK:

Wait! You must be at least 18 years old to post on this site.. Reported

115spt2 115spt2:

THX for the tits but I was already subbed to Pewds (Thx for reminding me I unsubbed)

opaldragon727353 opaldragon727353:

Love those tits

vin704 vin704:

Will Smith be like...Ahhhh...That's hot! That's hot!

pashkek pashkek:


MeAndMyKinkyGF MeAndMyKinkyGF:

Nice video!She wants a dick! new try out homemade POV

krosez krosez:

what a legend

Alex__Mason Alex__Mason:

Epic gamer moment

ThePurpleRose ThePurpleRose:

Did pewdiepie pay you to do that

Awesomefirepotato Awesomefirepotato:

Subscribe to Pewdiepie

Barbintoss Barbintoss:


Austin6791 Austin6791:

The real reason the sub gap went up

Pony4Hour Pony4Hour:

Суууукаа, даже Порнхаб делает свою часть! Война не юудет проиграна! Subscribe to PewDiePie!

beemovie21 beemovie21:

Can I get some vbucks pls

Mister_GT Mister_GT:


Olga_xxxx Olga_xxxx:

I wonder if she even knows what's written on her sweater....?))))))))))

EmmaSteve EmmaSteve:

We already did our part and you can watch it if you know what we mean

Doge_Plays Doge_Plays:


DonaldBigDTrump DonaldBigDTrump:

You wanna meet? 'Cause if you're interested in me, I can build a wall around us, so we can fuck without being disturbed

hawaspujari hawaspujari:

Holishit! That's how pewdiepie is gaining subscribers??! Well, I never thought he would have needed to beg like this

BeefyIsHere BeefyIsHere:


xSub2PewdsX xSub2PewdsX:

i approve this message... *pulls out meat scepter*

Sr71pilot Sr71pilot:

Top 10 anime team ups.

fuckak552 fuckak552:

hey guy how is the pornstar on the black Friday ADS the one with the tattoos ?for research THX.

InterracialFreaks9 InterracialFreaks9:

Watch me blow my bf until he cums all in my mouth and I swallow

Kundalini121 Kundalini121:

Beautiful tits

xPascalx xPascalx:

This video made me stiffer than most acted porn shit on this website

Ortodont Ortodont:

Lets make Johnny Sins host meme review.

tommilover tommilover:

I made sure I subscribed to T-series right away

XPussySlayer9001X XPussySlayer9001X:

im already subbed .. can i jack now

Derkino Derkino:

Oh yeah yeah

dirtylittlewhore69 dirtylittlewhore69:

Amazing tits =)

PornLikeMe PornLikeMe:

The perfect girl doesn't exi...

Spooznik Spooznik:

First, remove horizontal mirroring. THEN, we'll talk.

leoneamici leoneamici:

i've never liked a video on this website, but this time I had to

adam88g adam88g:

whats her name?

juliens juliens:

Yeahh I'm so proud of this community !! You did your part Indigo White ! Share this video to pewdiepie too !! Maybe we can have someday a LWAY in Pornhub too !!!

Sigma_Reaper Sigma_Reaper:


Triggeredsjw Triggeredsjw:

I support this

BigDicc2134 BigDicc2134:

Yo gals hmu at @scxrpixx

darkwind160 darkwind160:


locusdank locusdank:

the perfect porn video does not exi-

hellomanhuman hellomanhuman:

Got it cheif

DaGaffa DaGaffa:

Already subscribed to Pewds with both my accounts, gonna continue masturbating now

nedfet nedfet:

Nice initiative

FloHupe FloHupe:

Errr ... no

Muxurr Muxurr:

My little gamer just raised up.

SpideRetard SpideRetard:

this makes me angry

bodegahans bodegahans:

Sicko mode

youngdude2 youngdude2:

Yeah! That's right subscribe to Felix!

dandandan85 dandandan85:

It is fuckking spelled блядь and pronounced b`lyad'! with a D not a T... English speakers just can't take the D

rimzari136 rimzari136:

I hope pewds sees this

helicopresto helicopresto:

you have need of sale your what

Callmecarsonisbae Callmecarsonisbae:

Subscribe to Callmecarson

NaughtyAkelod NaughtyAkelod:


dubvirus dubvirus:

damn check out my cock

Seldszar Seldszar:

lol you are so awesome. I already am subscribed to Pewds and a part time 9 yo.

Officer_Gayboi Officer_Gayboi:

I didnt even know i wasnt subscribed to pewdiepie until i saw this. thanks

WhiteWolfCool WhiteWolfCool:

Oh gosh keep it up, came in 5 seconds

Modisho Modisho:

thank you soldier

RyanCouchCleaner RyanCouchCleaner:

God's plan.

Enian Enian:

This video got first at "Hot Videos in Romania" and somewhere at "Hot Videos Internationally" too. Good job ** y***s o*d.

krazjack69 krazjack69:

join my epic gamer discord

Leprechaunplayboy Leprechaunplayboy:

No kidding. Pornstars shout out to Pewdiepie? Wow! Felix, do porn review.

Bangersa Bangersa:


Eetee73 Eetee73:

sub to eetee73 plz

ben111 ben111:

Сука Блять

xaservii xaservii:


Nightsheep Nightsheep:

pewdiepie can suck my dick

senarpont senarpont:

She's 9? Umm FBI I can explain..

Princess_perfect Princess_perfect:

Thanks for doing your part it’s really appreciate

000000a 000000a:

korwin korwin:

Why tf i should subscribe to some boring channel?

Keynet Keynet:

I unsubbed

blanksz blanksz:

fuck pewpewdie

DarkSlayerGST DarkSlayerGST:

Had time for one video, watched this and spent the rest of my time watching pewdiepie. You're a hero

Vanagrander Vanagrander:

unsubscribed from him

ethanblaytberry ethanblaytberry:


kremlinbot123123 kremlinbot123123:

Wear СУКА БЛЯТЬ here:

bleachers bleachers:

all hail the mighty fuhrer Felix

booobspls booobspls:

YES This is the content I've been waiting for

yose93 yose93:

I came so hard

Yannekaz5 Yannekaz5:

Im already subscribed, lets see what else we got here :p

lengthycobra6 lengthycobra6:

lol her tits aren't that nice for me to subscribe to that piece of shit. Can't wait until T series surpasses his retarded ass.

SlaveinJeans SlaveinJeans:

Сука блять

oofleymcooferson oofleymcooferson:

now this is quality content

recomended_wam recomended_wam:


recomended_wam recomended_wam:

This isn't Minecraft

chatey chatey:

yours is original 100% and so perfect, also u have a natural look, you don't look like a bitch, nice, really

Hydroma5 Hydroma5:

Sub to pewdiepie everybooty

jawboys jawboys:

thanks Indigo, very cool!

Seppelmaste Seppelmaste:

*pulls out meat scepter*

iLoveBigFutaDicks iLoveBigFutaDicks:


Dizzle1983 Dizzle1983:

Fuck pewdiepie. Yayyyyy porn, instead.

Randure Randure:


Beatedbygirls64 Beatedbygirls64:

Okay, this is EPIC

bbradds bbradds:

yeah, no

yokkanijuu yokkanijuu:


blackrose25 blackrose25:

Nice titties

fappuschan fappuschan:

thank you for doing your part!

jack40935 jack40935:

Woman is a legend


OwO*pulls meat scepter back**salutes fellow 9 yr old comrade*

hesh420 hesh420:


jllaclout jllaclout:

Subscribe to Pewdiepie!

MajimeCry MajimeCry:

She says she is a PiewdiePie fan but uses Gloria Borger merch... Hmmmm


tou did your part

PlusOneSecond PlusOneSecond:

Wow *pulls out meat scepter*

ACupOfRamen ACupOfRamen:

i wonder if she did it for the fame or she really about that life

sassdesu sassdesu:

this is the hope Ive been wishing for

justhannah justhannah:

will do girl

ReaperMainForLife ReaperMainForLife:

Get this woman a medal

InflatableYou InflatableYou:

Fucking love the internet

VapeNaychGG420 VapeNaychGG420:

I dont think I've came harder than when I saw the cyka merch

Infinity_one Infinity_one:

I was not expecting this. Bravo!

goon2goblin goon2goblin:

memes and porn come together in an unholy alliance

InverseShadow InverseShadow:

That was hysterical, thank you.

ItsWednesdayMyGuy ItsWednesdayMyGuy:

That's exactly the motivation I needed to finally subscribe to pewdiepie

AdzKoz AdzKoz:


Zefirka_white Zefirka_white:

cool hoodie

Tracerlover69 Tracerlover69:


dickinass95 dickinass95:

Oh yeah yeah

dilbertdough dilbertdough:

A lot have failed to make me subscribe to pewdiepie, you really are something else.

MediPlank MediPlank:

eyyyy nice

wingedglory wingedglory:

hahaha nice one

souvenirsimple souvenirsimple:

that's the white gamer guy who said the n word on a stream right? ya im gud.

hotdiggityhentai hotdiggityhentai:

*clap* *clap* porn review 69/10

k33mstar69er k33mstar69er:

ALSO! Subscribe to Gloria Borger!

Madrecruit Madrecruit:

why do i feel so bad whenever i jerk off and i feel guilty when there is a pornstar just saying subsribe to pewdiepie?

Carlford Carlford:

ok, this is epic

BootsNHoes BootsNHoes:

i love you

BrandonFlowers1 BrandonFlowers1:

Thankyou Kanye, Very cool!

GringoRosmarino GringoRosmarino:

I've been alone for a while because no girls I talked to subscribed to Pewds.I have standards

lolipolice420 lolipolice420:

thanks for doing your part

Fyntor Fyntor:

Thank you for your service

Camshaft96 Camshaft96:

That's hot

Dio_Brando2 Dio_Brando2:

This is not what i expected but i'm satisfyed anyways.

MixBepo MixBepo:


catszrule catszrule:

pewdiepie sucks

focxgzmj focxgzmj:


BrunoS16 BrunoS16:

i haven't seen you in lwiay, why?

Missing_shades Missing_shades:

good thot

downtomars15 downtomars15:

I've done my part and subscribed

vikingurst vikingurst:

i love u so much for this

nabigatorr nabigatorr:

i cant jack off to a ** y**r o*d

tphill98 tphill98:

greatest video ever. thank you!

larrypk07 larrypk07:

what is going on? why do I need to subscribe to pewdepie?

harvesterofsorrow harvesterofsorrow:


Enian Enian:


frenztork frenztork:

Subscribe to popp-- gloria-- pewdiepie everyone.

LaserSight LaserSight:

Sorry I don't jerk off to ugly girls

MrColdWater MrColdWater:

Shut the fuck up

hentaicumshoot hentaicumshoot:

Now this is Epic


NO !

Lemmy_Is_God Lemmy_Is_God:

thank you my fellow warrior, message received

ChoclateGuy69 ChoclateGuy69:

That’s hot that’s hot

CrazyJam CrazyJam:

So much yes

kamikaze_69 kamikaze_69:

I swear today's youth looks more and more mature

Senpai-Chun Senpai-Chun:

The war is not over, we have not lost yet!!

dimithras dimithras:

That T-short xD Love it, cyka blyat

alexhathaway alexhathaway:


lacosteking lacosteking:

add my snapchat if you want to see some hot videos of me fucking girls

unik_90 unik_90:

but what if iim already subscribed ???

hornyaf5946 hornyaf5946:

Very cool

agedsquad agedsquad:

Yes this is what i like to see lets aquire this bread!!

JesusChristDenton JesusChristDenton:

When PewDiePie fails us, we really do live in a world of terror.

ShowMehThaWae ShowMehThaWae:

im so proud of this comunity

KarUGraF KarUGraF:

She's doing gods work

Some1_sm Some1_sm:

Thanks Indigo! Very cool.

painfulpleasures painfulpleasures:

I am a gamer and I approve this message.

BleeBlueBlop BleeBlueBlop:

Pewdiepie is evil!

InterracialFreaks9 InterracialFreaks9:

Watch me suck the hell outta my white boyfriend for 15 minutes then swallow his cumm

dildolover69 dildolover69:

EA Bad!

Kolotar Kolotar:

Сука, блять, это охуенно!

Emy11 Emy11:

you M'lady just earned a sub from me 3

gewoondat34 gewoondat34:

do you wanna play roblox with me

Barachiel1 Barachiel1:

I subscribed to pewdiepie just because of this XD

uzhj uzhj:

this is it chief

skytterkongen skytterkongen:

this pewdiepie vs T-Series crap is soooo overdone imo..

cheekclapper9002 cheekclapper9002:

Now that’s a cause I can get behind

TheOnlySecond TheOnlySecond:

May God bless her soul

SamanthaTheSexyDog SamanthaTheSexyDog:

Does she have a Twitter?

ignoremeidontexist ignoremeidontexist:

Ok, this is epic

gsubbyh gsubbyh:

this just makes me hate pewdiepie even more - cheap, pandering nonsense...

Fridathegrill Fridathegrill:

we truly live in a society

paschaDE paschaDE:

Boss Level 500! Сука блять xD

volder1 volder1:

Сука блять

reddit_user reddit_user:

Do my part next?

Celfaranume Celfaranume:

What the heck was that?

Viko Plays Viko Plays:

And with this one simple video, She earned the hearts of all 9 year olds

Randomambusher Randomambusher:

I mean those are great tits but why on earth would I watch pewdiepie?

parovozzo parovozzo:

"suka blyad" nice t-shirt)

jacklope23 jacklope23:

nwo, you see..we live in a society....

JhoGio JhoGio:

Already did my part 6 years ago

random_guy52 random_guy52:

Why cant I find love

katana217 katana217:

Jablinsky Games is better.

PewDiePiiee PewDiePiiee:

Now we can't lose.

narel11 narel11:

the jdl says no

Owlsly Owlsly:

сука БЛЯТЬ... порадовало)

homofakarino homofakarino:


Justlagger Justlagger:

сука блять

mantikoro4ka mantikoro4ka:

Сука блять. Вот чего я тут не ожидал увидеть, дак это рекламы канала пьюдса.

iKatLOV iKatLOV:



I'm already subbed to PewDiePie. I'm doing *MY* part

Dimarik86russia Dimarik86russia:

You so... Сука Блядь!

worldofporn worldofporn:

bro I thought she was aloona, the girl that did the cover of bitch lasagna

Complutum Complutum:

I'm doing my part!

Sunday365 Sunday365:

Fuck felix, but I love you...

SlimShady305 SlimShady305:


Lucas1105 Lucas1105:

I'll post this in the subreddit for 20 karma

Jesusisere87 Jesusisere87:

yeah i want to sub to a racist cunt who is really bad at gaming and has a shrilly voice

emobergx emobergx:

What would be even better is if she climbed out of the closet up there

robertoFl robertoFl:

This is hot!hottest video on pornhub!8===D

monstamartin monstamartin:

I approve

derpyguy2000 derpyguy2000:

already subbed to pewds

idontlastlong idontlastlong:

I hope this appears on the next LWIAY

Kakkarot Kakkarot:

We must give Pewdiepie our energy! It's the only way! DO IT!

777luckynumber 777luckynumber:


benoxando21 benoxando21:

I'm deceased

tomstem tomstem:

A reddit post brought me here..

P4vl3sh4 P4vl3sh4:

Чисто сука блять

thanosobama69 thanosobama69:

you heard her go sub to pewds

BLITZ1116 BLITZ1116:

we need more of this

Sushivapor Sushivapor:

What the F, are you gay? we are all 9yo!

HadesThePyro HadesThePyro:

what do I get for being one of those people who pay monthly to PewDiePie?

Nobody359 Nobody359:

Your loyalty and commitment to the Pewdiepie Community gives my heart a hard on. Nothing turns me on more than your words of support. I will masturbate in your honor.

horny_cousins horny_cousins:

Everyone is doing their part

Stalinglad Stalinglad:

Excellent, the rebellion has spread to all forms of media, we will beat this T series scum

notTheLegend27 notTheLegend27:

Gamers the most oppressed group.

FutureFvck FutureFvck:

This was hot, then she pulled her tits out.

WardenFem WardenFem:

Сука блять

kawaii8008 kawaii8008:

whats marzia gona say!

jainirvana jainirvana:

but i dont epic game....

Zeigman Zeigman:

Level up

WeakNe5s WeakNe5s:

Epic gamer sounds fortnite players

MrCoolJ MrCoolJ:

Love how the cool people lean Right. Felix being one of them. He not a leftist npc asshole.

starlord4575 starlord4575:

Youtube brought me here

RednuEfil RednuEfil:

Best thot I have ever seenP.S. T-Series is gay

47doeboy47 47doeboy47:

Porn Queen

danno906 danno906:

my hero

The_big_boi The_big_boi:

Truly epic

Silencer2222 Silencer2222:

So worth a tip! Do not let the war have been for nothing!!

sliphantom sliphantom:

subscribble to pewds

Virgin_guy86 Virgin_guy86:

Good girl

AdilsTheFox AdilsTheFox:

Respect +

Ashoka_Tano Ashoka_Tano:

Why arent there more giurls like you

mygot88 mygot88:

I've been subscribed for years, no need to stop fapping.

RyanSeacrest420 RyanSeacrest420:


FuckingLolis FuckingLolis:

I will make sure you get noticed thot!

Lewdbastard Lewdbastard:

I will not stop jerk off until the day I die.

MrStealYourTable MrStealYourTable:

I feel mildly confused,aroused and proud not sure what to do

Hizlau Hizlau:

Nice titsSub2Pewdiepie

vatos907 vatos907:

+1 for you

EroCreator EroCreator:

Wait a minute, this isn't PewDiePie, this is PornHub

TheImmortanJoe TheImmortanJoe:

I'm down to my last burner account. Wat do?

latino_papi91 latino_papi91:

This made me quadruple nut

TopShagger25 TopShagger25:

I'm so proud of this community

mackfan1 mackfan1:

can we have indigo as host for meme review

Tekniques Tekniques:

Now this is an epic gamer moment

fatfuckingvirginXD fatfuckingvirginXD:

Reported for nudity


Mad Lad

pajd0 pajd0:

Porn :clap: review :clap:

Trashboaterer Trashboaterer:

Where did she get her shirt?

psychedelicdan psychedelicdan:

Where can one See more of her?!

itzrondo itzrondo:

listen you whore, take off the top and then we'll talk

sim_qc sim_qc:


BusterWolf BusterWolf:

done and done

zen1312 zen1312:

Can I marry you?

BronoProno BronoProno:

Okay, this is epic.

Ifap2weirdporn Ifap2weirdporn:

I'm here before this lands on Instagram

zman1064 zman1064:

ok, this is epic

Essentialist Essentialist:

i made an account just for this. this is the good shit. the pewdiepie part made it 100x better i don't think i've seen anything better

Stef_Sub2PewDiePie Stef_Sub2PewDiePie:

Thx for supporting PewDiePie, im only going to beat my meat to your vids untill PewDiePie loses

gman386386 gman386386:

You should find more memes to porn, loved the format of this one!

Edool Edool:

I'm so proud of this community

DoktorTiger DoktorTiger:

Go also help "Jusus Christ" on Youtube. He need our help!

DSRage DSRage:

Da queen has spoken

str87 str87:

Already had done my part. Came here anyways.Wouldnt mind a video in that outfit or cloe to natural tbh

xpollo13 xpollo13:

All hail the porn queen

nikme1 nikme1:

do you think pewds saw this and wanks his meat to your tits. That would be funny AF.

Fetish2318 Fetish2318:

Kumusta42 Kumusta42:

Damn I have to activate this account again just say that you are too cuts

MemeThanos MemeThanos:

Thot indeed. However at least you know where to post your videos, for that you get a 10/10 from me.

skeetskrrt69 skeetskrrt69:

Very nice.

CarSalesman99 CarSalesman99:

Add her to the List of Queens

Personn17 Personn17:

I am so proud of this community.

geRmanEmpire6 geRmanEmpire6:


wahooguy wahooguy:

Now I'm genuinely more interested in your normal life and interests than you porn career

Zuccinilover Zuccinilover:

Now this, is epic

SirSuppa SirSuppa:


theone0712 theone0712:

Very nice

Michael5567j Michael5567j:

The perfect girl doesn’t exi...

OlavTurboKnepper OlavTurboKnepper:

You just earned yourself a fan

JubbaJesus JubbaJesus:


AwkwardMark AwkwardMark:

I'm actually speechless.

bonbozo bonbozo:


Exo-dus Exo-dus:

Damn loool it's real

mzimubaya mzimubaya:

OMFG You are loyal AF. all Hail the ** y**r o*d army

LokenTheLost LokenTheLost:

do your part

EBrand EBrand:

okay, this is epic.

duck11111 duck11111:

I did my part!

elite133769 elite133769:

this video was very cash money , approved

MarkChub MarkChub:

You are literally a hero


I shouldn't be watching this as a ** y**r o*d myself.

YoHarlem YoHarlem:

fuck me please

nuee420 nuee420:

so many cuteypie's over there. Would you mind if i asked you to link me where you are please?

SOG21 SOG21:

9 year olds! Don't watch this!

Bobobumbo Bobobumbo:


rivalin33 rivalin33:

on the killstream and now pewdiepie, pretty funny tbh

Indigo White Indigo White:

kevlaf1 kevlaf1:

The perfect girl doesn't exi--

Indigo White Indigo White:


MARViiiiN MARViiiiN:

What a legend.

c_r_a_s c_r_a_s:

Fuck t-series, pewdiepie ftw

BleeBlueBlop BleeBlueBlop:

ftw= fat tranny woman

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